Bipolar Syndrome

Bipolar Syndrome Explained

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Bipolar Syndromes are a mental disability that affects the neurotransmitters in the brain. It is a two phase alternating disorder that causes drastic changes in a persons mood. The two different phases of bipolar are mania and depression. The symptoms for each range widely, and a bipolar syndrome sufferer will have both parts of the disorder, switching between the two sometimes as often as everyday. Sometimes a sufferer may be in a phase for as long as a year, before switching to the other phase. The difference between the two phases is drastic and the moods changes will be highly noticeable to family and friends of the bipolar disorder syndrome sufferer.

Coping With Bipolar

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A bipolar diagnosis may or may not be as a sense of relief to you, but to many who have always wondered what was wrong with them, they find a sense of comfort by now knowing. The one biggest thing anyone can do after a diagnosis is seek help from a mental health specialist, and following his/her guidelines and treatment plan very closely. There may be no cure for bipolar, but there are ways you can make yourself better. Finding a treatment plan that works for you will get you on the right track!

Diagnosing Bipolar Syndrome Symptoms

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When bipolar syndrome is suspected, there are common symptoms that will more than likely be visible, but since the bipolar syndrome symptoms can vary widely and since the disorder is two phase, it may be difficult to differentiate between bipolar and other mental disorders. Also, with this being a two part disorder, there are two sets of symptoms, depending on which phase the sufferer is in, the  symptoms can be different as often as daily. There is no blood test to diagnose bipolar syndrome, so using a general checklist of common symptoms and describing them to your doctor is generally how a physician will diagnose bipolar syndrome.

The Common Symptoms of Bipolar

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Remember that the bipolar syndrome symptoms can vary, so these may not be the exact symptoms you are experiencing. To be sure and get a proper diagnosis, mention all of the symptoms you are experiencing with your physician.  

 Some of the mania symptoms of bipolar syndrome include:

  • Continually Irritable
  • Fast Talking / Jabbering
  • Inflated or High Self Esteem
  • Very Energetic on Little Rest
  • Being Impulsive
  • Irrational  Decision Making

 Some of the bipolar depression symptoms:

  • Lack of Ability to Focus
  • Depressed/Sad Behavior
  • Unmotivated/No Energy
  • Fatigue / Constantly Sleeping
  • Low Self Esteem
  • No interest in their normal activities                                                                  
  • Keeping Distant From Others
  • Suicidal Thoughts

Living With A Bipolar Diagnosis

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After a bipolar diagnosis, it can be a sense of relief for many bipolar sufferers. Finally knowing and now being able to work on the issues at hand can be relieving. Understanding bipolar syndrome treatment is the first step in getting better. Finding a physician you can put your whole trust into can make a difference in the progression of your treatment. There is no such “cure” for bipolar, but with all the bipolar treatments available today, a sufferer, who has found a medication and treatment plan that works well for them, can rid most and maybe all symptoms, and stop recurrences. You can see more information about bipolar here.